How To Increase Your Everyday Budget
  • A necessity of stock analysis

    Many people are immersed in the search for ways they can make their savings work harder for them, but in today's economy, they may be incredulous about investing in the stock market or other usual means as people earn more money with their money.

    This incredulity is justified, as recent economic turmoil has proved once and for all that there are no guarantees when you put someone else in obligation of managing your money and your financial future.

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  • How to sustain financial stability after bankruptcy

    The bankruptcy is the biggest financial problem many people will face. Not only is it difficult to go through emotionally, the impact is lasting. Repair of the negative effect of a bankruptcy credit history and your overall credit score is in itself a long and difficult journey.

    A tool that is available is called a loan bankruptcy.

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  • What to choose: credit settlement or credit repair

    Sometimes, with daily work you can not find a decent wage. Therefore, if you do not take a second job, you're probably on your way to a credit institution in an attempt to borrow enough money to meet your needs.

    And in a case like this, you must be wise and well informed about how you'll be able to stay out of debt trap.

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  • How to choose an instant approval credit card

    If you decide to take out an instant approval credit card via the Internet, you need to consider many different factors.

    Be attentive, because all credit cards have different terms.

    The instant approval is an effort to attract visitors with the thought of immediately available credit.

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Spas and salons help customers with ‘spring cleaning’

Just the hint of spring—the tentative warmth of the sun, the sign of an emerging crocus or daffodil, lingering daylight well into the evening—our thoughts naturally turn to spring cleaning. And not just cleaning our closets and homes, but refreshing and reinventing ourselves, as well.

Spring has historically been an automatic trigger for rushing to a salon or spa for renewal in the form of services like hair color and styling, pedicures and facials. Before 2007, the onset of the great recession, the spring stampede to salons and spas was automatic. But

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Wisconsin, and Her Neighbors: Philadelphia Fed Coincident Indices

From the MacIver Institute, “The Free Market Voice of Wisconsin”:

Secretary Reggie Newson, Department of Workforce Development, and John Koskinen, Chief Economist for the Department of Revenue, both gave testimony that Wisconsin is heading in the right direction.

This is in contrast to two years ago where Wisconsin had lost over 150,000 jobs, Newson explained. “Based on all the indicators we look at, the state is moving in the right direction. We

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Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Future of the Secondary Mortgage Market

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are companies that were chartered by the Congress four decades ago to provide a stable source of funding for residential mortgages across the country, including loans to finance housing for low- and moderate-income families. To carry out that mission, they purchase mortgages that meet certain standards from banks and other originators, pool those loans into mortgage-backed securities (MBSs) that they guarantee against losses from defaults on the underlying mortgages, and sell the securities to investors. They also buy mortgages and MBSs and hold them in their portfolios.

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White House Prods Banks to Move on Lending

– The White House is fighting to make it easier for people with less-than-stellar credit to get home loans, a move insiders say will spur recovery. They’re joined by housing advocates who say the improving housing market hasn’t reached lower-income and young people. But the plan “would open the floodgates to highly excessive risk and would send us right back on the same path we were just trying to recover from,” says a former Fannie Mae boss. Home loans for people with credit scores in the 620 to 680 range were down 90% last year from 2007 levels, reports the Washington Post.

The administration wants nervous banks to lend in conjunction with federally funded programs that insure against default. O

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Spring Home Sales Slump

Nearly everyone in the real estate business predicted strident sales during the 2013 spring selling season thanks to the momentum of the housing recovery, rising prices and favorable interest rates, but sales have slipped since the colder months and the market seems to have stalled. Sales dropped 0.4% in February and analysts say it’s a combination of fewer homeowners putting their properties on the market combined with a dip in new-home construction. T Read more info…

Are you ahead of the upcoming trend in personal finance?

The retirement savings gap, the aging demographic and growing government deficits are all future trends we know and can possibly plan around. What often gets less attention are a societal trends that have personal finance dimensions to them.  With the ubiquity of social media, we should all pay attention to the costs of the continuing erosion of personal privacy.

The topic is, far and away, too complicated to write in a short blog post (and, if this blog had continued, it would have slanted significantly more to these issues). But, think about it this way.

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